We provide both intumescent and cementitious spray- and trowel-applied fireproofing to exposed structural steel surfaces, roof and floor assemblies, columns, concrete services, and joists in both industrial and commercial environments.

Spray-on fireproofing methods involves the spraying of various products onto construction materials to improve resistance to fire, while decreasing chances of weakening, burning or melting under extreme heat. While trowel-applied fireproof coatings optimize safety and performance, all while mitigating the risks of downtime, damage and injury.

From new construction projects to existing stadiums, we have completed many difficult projects without incurring unjustified cost overruns differentiating us from our competitors.


  • Intumescent fireproofing

  • Spray-applied cementitious trowel-applied fireproofing

  • Pneumatic, spray and troweled applications

  • Dense concrete and lightweight cementitious

  • Corrosion under fireproofing management (CUF)